Become an Underclothes Boutique Brand Ambassador.

How does free lingerie sound? As an Underclothes Boutique brand ambassador we’ll send you free lingerie to review, promote & help change how lingerie is viewed — as a tool for empowerment.

Become a brand ambassador.

Apply to become a brand ambassador.

Join our Underclothes Boutique brand ambassadors and help spread the message of empowerment through lingerie. Let's redefine what lingerie is all about.

Brand ambassador application

Complete out the application & we’ll contact you within 1-2 business days if selected. It’s important all information is filled out correctly to ensure we send you the right sizes & types of lingerie.

Let's make sure we send you the right sizes.

Need help with your measurements? Learn how.

Taking quality photos & videos in crucial.

Help give us an idea the type of photos and videos you would submit when reviewing our lingerie products.

Submissions with selfies or up-close photos will ignored. We need an idea of the type of photos and/or videos you would post when promoting the lingerie you're sent. This is key in determining if you'd be a good candidate to become an Underclothes Boutique brand ambassador.

Upload multiple photos and videos by zipping and attaching a folder. For information on how to 'zip' files, click here.

How it works.